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Planned Impact

The proposed work in HOMBIOCAT will have a remarkable positive impact on the aim of transforming the global economy from a dependence on fossil raw materials to a sustainable bio-based economy. In this sense, the proposed technologies based on synthetic biology and biotechnological approaches focused on the development of industrial biotechnologies. In particular, the project responds to three main needs in coincidence with the topics of ERA CoBioTech call:

1. The sustainable production and conversion of bioresources into value-added products;

2. The production of bio-based value-added products;

3. The development of sustainable industrial processes including the scale-up of biotechnological processes.

Who will benefit from this research?

The project aims at developing(TRL 3-4), demonstrating (TRL5) and validating (TRL6) an innovative technology based on modular systems to fabricate multi-functional heterogeneous biocatalysts with potential application in Biotechnology. Therefore Industry will be a key beneficiary but academic will also strongly benefit from the developed technologies.

How will they benefit from this research?

Once the tools for this technology are developed, we will demostrante the operational functionality of these heterogeenous biocatalysts at lab scale, performing the industrially relevant biotransformation for which they have been designed (TRL4). We will scale-up the continuous biosynthesis of omega-aminoacids to industrially relevant substrate concentrations (>100 g/L) and total turnovers numbers of the cofactors (>1000) and enzymes (TTN>10000). Finally, we propose a parallel pathway in the technological exploitation leaded by the industrial partner. BIOA will validate (TRL5) and demonstrate (TRL6) that this generic technology serves as a tool-kit for the integration of any multi-enzyme system into hierarchically organized heterogeneous biocatalysts.

What will be done to ensure that they have the opportunity to benefit from this research?

As well as Open Access publications, presentations at conferences and direct communication with the industrial partners through the consortium, we will ensure that outcomes from this project will be highlighted on our web pages (research group as well as the project website.

Professional development for staff working on the Project

The project offers significant opportunities for the pre- and postdoctoral researchers involved in the consortium to broaden their skills. The overall project is highly interdisciplinary, encompassing chemistry, enzymology and microbiology, and engineering. The appointed researchers will be exposed to a variety of techniques within the laboratories of the Consortium as well as through the network of collaborators.