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HYMADE Workshop in San Sebastián, Spain
8-10 October 2018
Venue: Palacio de Miramar

Self-assembly and Hierarchical Materials in Biomedicine:
Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering, Sensing and Safety Issues


La Concha Bay
8 October
9h15Welcome. Sergio Moya
9h30Mediating cell migration by gradient cues in biomaterials. Changyou Gao
10h30Multilayered and hierarchical 3D-structures from nano-assembled multilayers for biomedicine. João Mano
11h10Coffee break
11h40Topotactic conversion of biopolymer foams for 3D-cell culture. Francisco Fernandes
12h00 Tailoring electroactive smart materials as suitable microenvironments for tissue engineering applications. Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez
12h40PLL/PAA-gentamicin complex multilayer with a combined burst and sustained release of gentamicin and antibacterial activity against S. aureus. Ane Escobar
14h30Thermoresponsive nanogels: a platform technology for topical drug delivery and cancer theranostics. Marcelo Calderón
15h10Polymeric core-shell nanoparticles for the delivery of metal complexes into cancer stem cells. Arvin Eskandari
15h30Biomimetic folding particle chains. Peter van Oostrum
15h50Coffee break
16h20Nanogated mesoporous thin films. Putting polymer brushes to work... Omar Azzaroni
17h00Identification of protein functional regions. Ivan Coluzza
17h20Discovery of biomaterials guided by simulation and experiment: molecular recognition, assembly, and applications. Hendrik Heinz
18h00Poster session with cider and pintxos

9 October
9h00Chiral inorganic nanostructures. Nicholas Kotov
10h00Role of chirality in emerging properties of self-assembly. Takuya Nakashima
10h20Anti-inflammatory nanoparticles to facilitate tissue engineering. Victor Puntes
11h00Coffee break
11h30Engineering of magnetic-based nanoplatforms for theranostic. Sylvie Begin
12h10Biomedical applications and self-assembly of Janus Au-Fe3O4 nanoparticles with branched morphology. Javier Reguera
12h30Monitoring of nanomaterials and their interaction with biomolecules in extra and intracellular spaces. Irina Estrela-Lopis
14h30In vivo protein corona formation on gold nanoparticles of various size and shape. Rafaela García-Álvarez
14h50Understanding the nanomaterial interaction with biomolecules, relevance for nanomedicine and nanotoxicity. Marco Monopoli
15h30Bio-sensing: optical or by electronics? Wolfgang Knoll
16h30Infrared nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy of organic matter: a new era in nanoanalytics. Iban Amenabar
20h30Gala dinner, Restaurante Ni Neu

10 October
9h00Programmable mesoporous hybrid materials: towards a new generation of bioactive materials. Galo Soler-Illia
9h40In vivo cancer treatment with hybrid magnetic-responsive mesoporous silica nanocarriers. Eduardo Guisasola
10h00Understanding in vivo degradation of mesoporous silica therapeutic vectors through in situ ellipsometry. Cédric Boissiere
10h40Self-organizing silver and ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles: microstructure of their hydrocolloids and biomedical potential. Olena Ivashchenko
11h00Coffee break
11h30Langmuir protocol for molecular machine operation, nanocarbon synthesis and life regulation. Katsuhiko Ariga
12h30Peptide based protein assembly toward for nanoparticle assembly. Mitsuhiro Okuda
12h50Modular magnetite-filled nanomicelles for cancer chemo- and immunotherapy. Ane Ruiz de Angulo
14h30Hierarchical assembly of gold nanoparticles for biodetection. Luis Liz-Marzán
15h10Detection of amyloid fibrils in Parkinson’s disease using plasmonic chirality. Jatish Kumar
15h30Capture and hyperthermia-mediated release of circulating tumor cells via branched gold nanostructures. Leonardo Scarabelli
16h10Coffee break
16h40Biomimetic carriers to deliver genome editing tools. Gabriela Romero Uribe
17h20Microfluidic-induced 3D assembly of canocrystals for SERS ultradetection in-chip. Daniel García-Lojo
17h40Homing peptides for targeting of solid tumors: discovery and applications for precision nanomedicine. Tambet Teesalu
18h20Closing remarks & awards
Participants at the SAHMB Workshop
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HYMADE Workshop in Tulln, Austria: Proteins in Artificial Membranes
29-30 May 2018
Venue: Universitäts- und Forschungszentrum (UFT) Tulln
29 May
19h00Informal get-together, restaurant "Gasthaus Goldenes Schiff", Wiener Str. 10, 3430 Tulln an der Donau

30 May
9h30Welcome. Wolfgang Knoll and Sergio Moya
9h40Cyclic nucleotide-binding domains in ion channels and solute carriers. U. Benjamin Kaupp
10h20Ligand gating in CNG channels. Crina Nimigean
11h00Tethered bilayer lipid membranes: from structure to function. Ingo Köper
11h40 Reconstituting membrane proteins in a patterned model membrane. Kenichi Morigaki
13h00Membrane biomimetic systems for particle decoration and protein reconstitution studies. Joel Chopineau
13h40Translocation of the adenylate cyclase toxin from Bordetella pertussis across a tethered lipid bilayer. Daniel Ladant
14h20Stabilization of native membrane proteins for drug discovery. Anass Jawhari
15h00Coffee break
15h40Determinants of water mobility in a confined environment. Peter Pohl
16h20What does the non-bilayer lipid MGDG do to light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b protein (LHCII)? Harald Paulsen
17h00Artificial membrane nanopores made from DNA: nanostructures for synthetic biology and molecular sensing. Stefan Howorka
17h40Final discussion followed by barbeque dinner

HYMADE Participants at MMS 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
14-16 May 2018
Venue: Dazzler Hotel San Martin
HYMADE participants attended the 24th World Smart Systems & Micromachine Summit (MMS) 2018 along with many important delegates from around the world. The special interest topic for the meeting was Agro-food & Environment and HYMADE coordinator Sergio Moya presented a talk on Fate and transformation of nanomaterials in biological matrixes: impact on health and environment.
Group photo of MMS 2018 delegates

Outreach Activities in San Sebastián, Spain: UPV Student Visit
9 May 2018
Venue: CIC biomaGUNE
UPV students in front of CIC biomaGUNE UPV students in front of CIC biomaGUNE
CIC biomaGUNE hosted a visit from 60 students from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) who are working toward degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and in Biotechnology


Project Meeting in Yerevan, Armenia
18-20 October 2017
Venue: Matenadaran - Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
18 October
10h30Scientific and Training skills
10h30Colloid synthesis presentation. Paula Angelome
11h30Physical chemistry of colloids presentation. Sergio Moya
14h30Matenadaran museum tour
15h30How to prepare a scientific presentation. Omar Azzaroni
16h30End of day. Free evening

19 October
9h30Project general issues, advances and upcoming activities. Sergio Moya
10h15Project and activities discussion. All
10h30Scientific presentation. Sergio Moya
11h15Coffee break
11h30YSU presentation. Ishkhan Vardayan
12h15UNSAM presentation. Galo Soler-Illia
14h15INIFTA presentation. Omar Azzaroni
15h00UMPC presentation. Cedric Boissiere
16h00AIT presentation. Teresa Berninger
17h00End of day. Dinner all together

20 October
9h30CNEA presentation. Paula Angelomé
10h15Student presentations
11h00Final remarks and discussions Sergio Moya
11h30Yerevan city tour. End of the day
HYMADE participants in Yerevan
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Public Dissemination and Outreach Event in San Sebastián, Spain: Olatu Talka
24 May 2017
Venue: San Sebastián public space
CIC biomaGUNE researchers from the HYMADE project took part in scientific dissemination and outreach activities during the Olatu Talka festival, a cultural event organised by the city and citizens of San Sebastián. Over a weekend, the streets, squares and parks of the city become the scene of multiple activities in which citizens are the protagonists of cultural action. HYMADE researchers participated in a photo exhibition on food at the microscale, titled Food & Science, and an experimental workshop titled GuessFood.
Olatu Talka flyer
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HYMADE Students at the AIT Winter School, Austria
22-28 January 2017
Venue: Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal
A number of HYMADE members from Argentina and Austria participated in the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) Winter School for PhD students. The 40 students who attended came from 17 different countries. In addition to presenting their research projects in 5 minute elevator pitches, they attended sessions on Career Planning: How to Shape your Future, and a workshop on Good Scientific Practice. The mornings and the evenings of this week were hard work. In the afternoon we had fun skiing or hiking in the gorgeous mountain areas of the Alps. One evening session was devoted to presentations by students talking about Science in my Home Country, and the last evening was devoted to a fireside chat, A Life in Science, in which three senior professors talked about their own lives and careers in the academic world.
HYMADE students in the snowy Alps at the AIT Winter School
HYMADE participants at the AIT Winter School (from left to right): Shabnam Karimi, Andrea Rozzi, Sebastián Alberti, Wolfgang Knoll, Juan Allegretto, Christina Bliem, and Teresa Berninger

Extracellular Vesicle Seminar in Vienna, Austria
13-14 February 2017
Venue: Austrian Institute of Technology
13 February
19h00Welcome dinner
14 February
10h00Welcome and introduction
10h15Extracellular Vesicles as disease biomarkers. Alain Brisson
10h55DNA-methylation and microRNA profiling in serum- and saliva-derived exosomes. Christa Nohammer
11h35Circulating biomarkers in ovarian cancer. Robert Zeillinger
12h15Magnetic(nano)particles and lipid-binding proteins for isolation and detection of extracellular vesicles. Agnes Reiner
14h00Characterization and biological activity of extracellular vesicles. Viktoria Weber
14h40Therapeutic mesenchymal stem cell exosomes: mechanism of action. Sai Kiang Lim
15h20MSC-derived vesicular therapeutics for allogeneic application. Mario Gimona

Austrian Society for Extracellular Vesicles
Center for Biomedical Technology, Danube University Krems
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Therapy Approaches in Sepsis

Outreach Activites Online: Audiovisual Outreach Programme
Venue: Online
Using social media to disseminate academic work and broaden the horizons of HYMADE. This outreach program is based on "Brief Conversations" with prominent scientists and scholars involved in the HYMADE activities. Our goal is to offer a much better experience to doctoral students and postdocs worldwide by exposing them to a full range of expert opinions from internationally recognized scientists.
Audiovisual Outreach Program Youtube channel
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HYMADE Project Meeting in Vienna, Austria
10-14 October 2016
Venue: Austrian Institute of Technology
Second HYMADE Meeting
10-11 OctoberThin Films Workshop
11-12 OctoberTraining Course (students)
13 OctoberHYMADE Project Meeting (all partners)
14 OctoberMeeting with the Project Officer (all partners)

10 October, Thin Films Workshop
MorningArrival of Guests
12h00Light lunch
12h50Welcome. Wolfgang Knoll, AIT Managing Director
Start Workshop "Functional Thin Films"
13h00Chair: Christina Bliem
Functions of bioelectrochemical interfaces designed through thin film nanoarchitectonics and ionic self-assembly. Omar Azzaroni
13h40High-k dielectric passivation: novel considerations for electric field applications in biology. Klemens Wassermann
14h20A slippery slope: repellent surface coatings inspired by the pitcher plant. Nicolas Vogel
15h00Coffee break
15h20Chair: Esteban Piccinini
Elastic excitations in thin structures. George Fytas
16h20Colloidally structured materials: from transparent electrodes to thermal insulators. Markus Retsch
17h00Polyelectrolyte thin films for bio applications. Sergio Moya
17h40End of day
18h00Transfer to Heuriger "Schreiberhaus"

11 October, Thin Films Workshop
9h00Chair: NN
Responsive polymer architectures - from hydrogels to sensors. Ulrich Jonas
9h40Plasmonic biosensors utilizing hydrogel nanostructures. Jakub Dostalek
10h20Coffee break
11h00Chair: NN
Block copolymer membranes. Wolfgang Meier
11h40Electrophoretic manipulation of membrane proteins and their characterization in supported lipid bilayer membranes. Stephen Evans
12h00Final remarks. Wolfgang Knoll
13h00Light lunch and farewell

11 October, Student Training
14h00Student course: entrepreneurship and business models. tecnet equity
17h00End of day
EveningFree time

12 October, Student Training
Lectures by Prof. Wolfgang Knoll: Processing of Nanocomposites
10h00-11h30Lectures 1 and 2
12h00Light lunch and break
14h00-15h30Lectures 3 and 4
16h00Lectures 5 and 6
17h15Departure for dinner at Restaurant Speisekammer
19h30Vienna English Theatre, Woody Sez (The life and music of Woody Guthrie)
21h40End of day

14 October, HYMADE Progress Meeting
9h00Project general presentation. Sergio Moya
10h30Presentations from secondment fellows (10 min + 5 min questions each)
 CIC biomaGUNE
14h00Presentations from secondment fellows(10 min + 5 min questions each)
16h30Coffee break
17h00Meeting with project officer
18h15Final Considerations
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Outreach Activities in Vienna, Austria
25-29 July 2016
Venue: Austrian Institute of Technology
Group photo
Joint session of HYMADE participants with high school students from a Technical Gymnasium in Vienna, students from the University of Vienna, and from the Technical University of Vienna. HYMADE participants were Sebastián Alberti (3rd from left), Christine Bliem,(3rd from right), Teresa Berninger (2nd from right) and Prof Wolfgang Knoll (4th from left)
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HYMADE Project Meeting Preparation in Vienna, Austria
12-15 June 2016
Venue: Austrian Institute of Technology
HYMADE meeting preparation
HYMADE partners at the project meeting preparation

HYMADE Participants at Falling Walls Lab in Vienna, Austria
22 April 2016
Venue: Museum of Technology
HYMADE participants with celebrities at Falling Walls Lab Austria
HYMADE participants with celebrities at Falling Walls Lab Austria. From left to right: Prof. Wolfgang Knoll and Christina Bliem from AIT; Esteban Piccinini from INIFTA; Gerald Klug, the Federal Minister for Transportation, Innovation and Technology; Prof. Helga Nowotny, former President of the European Research Council; and Dr. Hannes Androsch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AIT.
More information on the Falling Walls Lab platform

Outreach Activites in San Sebastián, Spain: UPV Student Visit
3 March 2016
Venue: CIC biomaGUNE
UPV students with HYMADE participants in front of CIC biomaGUNE
Students from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) working toward degrees in Biotechnology, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, came to visit CIC biomaGUNE for a tour of the facilities. The visit was hosted by Ane Escobar, Angel Martinez, and Sergio Moya from the centre's Soft Matter Nanotechnology Laboratory. The students received a short introductory talk explaining details of the centre and visited six of the centre's technical facilities and laboratories including the nanoparticle synthesis platform, the confocal microscope, the radiochemistry platform, the molecular imaging facility, the scanning electron microscope, and the atomic force microscope.

HYMADE Project Meeting in Paris, France: First Annual Meeting
17-18 March 2016
Venue: College de France
17 March
9h15Welcome. Clement Sanchez
9h20Tour table.
9h30Project scientific overview. Sergio Moya
10h00Management issues. Sergio Moya
10h30CNEA presentation. Paula Angelome
11h00Coffee break
11h15UNSAM presentation. Galo Soler Illia
11h45UPMC presentation. Cedric Boissière
12h00Lunch at College de France (Bat D, 5th floor)
14h00Presentations by secondment fellows (10 min + 5 min questions each)
 CIC biomaGUNE
  Anne Escobar
  Angel Martinez
  Esteban Piccinini
  Lorena Cortez
  Christina Bliem
  Anahit Torosyan
16h30Coffee break
17h00Presentation from AIT. Wolfgang Knoll
20h00Dinner with all participants.
Restaurant: Le Pre Verre, 8 Rue Thenard, 75005 Paris

18 March
9h15INIFTA presentation. Omar Azzaroni
9h45ULEI presentation. Anahit Torosyan
10h15YSU presentation. Zaven Novayan
11h00Coffee break
11h00Training and dissemination issues Sergio Moya
11h30Round table and discussion
12h30Summary of the meeting. Sergio Moya
13h00Lunch at College de France (Bat D, 5th floor)
HYMADE participants at the first annual project meeting in Paris
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HYMADE Training Course in Paris, France
15-16 March 2016
Venue: College de France
15 March
9h00Welcome. Sergio Moya
9h10Nanomedecine: basic concepts. Sergio Moya
9h50Hybrid materials and nanomedicine. Clement Sanchez
10h30Coffee break
11h00Synthesis of mesoporous materials. Galo Soler Illia
12h00Lunch at College de France (Bat D ,5th floor) for students and speakers
13h30Characterization techniques: ellipsometry. Cedric Boissiere
14h10Characterization of thin films. Omar Azzaroni
14h50Visit to LCMC and College de France


HYMADE Kick-off Meeting in San Sebastián, Spain: Hybrid Drug Delivery Systems Upon Mesoporous Materials, Self-Assembled Therapeutics and Virosomes
12-13 March 2015
Venue: CIC biomaGUNE
12 March
15h15Welcome and project overview. Sergio Moya
16h15Management and Horizon 2020 issues. Marta Abelleira
17h15Coffee break
17h30CIC biomaGUNE Presentation. Sergio Moya
18h00CNEA Presentation. Paula Angelomé
18h30AIT Presentation. Wolfgang Knoll
19h00MSU Presentation. Nicholas Kotov (video conference)
20h00Dinner at Aita Maria, Old Town

13 March
09h00UPMC presentation. Clement Sanchez
09h30INIFTA presentation. Omar Azzaroni
10h00ULEI presentation. Edwin Donath
10h30Coffee break
11h00YSU presentation. Zaven Navoyan
11h30Molecular imaging unit. Jordi Llop
12h00Discussion, general issues and farewell
HYMADE participants at the kick-off meeting in front of CIC biomaGUNE